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Senior Home Family Christmas Parties

Make that Family Christmas party at your senior home an event your residents and their  families will treasure for years to come by inviting Mrs. Claus!

  • Mrs. Claus will visit with the residents and families


  • Children will be entertained by a craft project that the senior and/or their parents can help them with.


  • Adults and Senior will enjoy seeing the children mesmerized as Mrs. Claus discovers if they have been naughty or nice.


  • Everyone will enjoy watching the children as they listen to stories about the North Pole.


  • Children will have a chance to share with Mrs. Claus what they want for Christmas and Mrs. Claus will personally tell Santa when she returns to the North Pole.

  • Families will enjoy listening together as Mrs. Claus reads her Favorite Christmas picture book.


  • To conclude the party we will have a sing-a-long of some Christmas carols while Mrs. Claus plays the ukulele and sings along.


  • Prices start at $200 for the first 45 minutes. (Non refundable retainer fee of 1/2 the event cost required. Retainer fee due 24 hours after reserving a date/time.  Remainder due at time of party.)

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