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Make history come alive for your students!

Each of the below programs lasts approximately forty-five minutes with a chance for students to ask questions at the end of the program.

Revolutionary War: Nancy Hart

“I’m a Patriot. My husband was an officer in the Georgia Militia and was off fighting most of the time. That left me home to run our 400 acre farm and raise our eight children. Plus, I was determined to do my part to rid all of them Tories and Red Coats from Georgia. A river ran through our land that them Red coats often travelled along. I “Picked off” many of them with my musket. I also have shot a cannon at the Red Coats, spied on them, and captured a few Red Coats too. I may not know how to read or write, but that didn’t stop me from doing my duty.”

Civil War: Elizabeth Van Lew

“Being born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, I learned that slavery was a necessity of life. My opinion changed when I attended school in the North. But, when I moved back to Richmond, I realized Papa wasn’t going to change his mind. After he died, my mama, brother and I secretly freed our slaves, and then the war broke out. Quite by accident, I ended up spying for the Union Army with my messages going directly to General Ulysses S. Grant.”

The Underground Railroad in Lawrence, Kansas: Elizabeth Ann Waltrous Abbott 

Meet UGRR conductor Elizabeth Ann Waltrous Abbott. Hear her tell you stories about some of her passengers on the railroad. Sometimes the passengers made it to freedom. Other times they didn’t.

Colonial Times: Molly Bannaky

“I was found guilty for stealing milk. I only spilled it though! Hanging is the usual punishment but, since I proved I could read the Bible, they sent me to the New World instead as an indentured servant. I was required to work seven years on a tobacco farm. Afterwards, I left and started my own farm in the colony of Maryland. Later, I broke the law by marrying a former slave of mine. I’ll tell you all about life as an indentured servant and what life was like during Colonial times when I come visit your classroom.” (Based on a true story.)

Little Known Stories from World War II

During this program students will learn unique stories from World War II such as “The Night Witches” (Russian women pilots who terrified the Germans), how the game of Monopoly was used to help POWs escape from Germany, and how knowing edible wild plants helped a platoon survive. They will also view a powerpoint slideshow about the Ghost Army of World War II. 

Mother Goose Revisited

Hickory Dickory Dock...

Hey Diddle Diddle...

Jack Be Nimble...

We have heard these Mother Goose nursery rhymes before but what do they mean? Storyteller Christine has created entertaining stories to explain why the things happened in several nursery rhymes.  Are they true? You decide. For this program Christine comes dressed as Mother Goose and brings along her puppet pet goose named Goosie.  Mother Goose explains to the children how the publishers of her rhymes left out the stories behind them. If there is time at the end of the program, students have a chance to give their reasons why they think Little Miss Muffet ran from the spider. This program is geared for students Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Tall tales and Folktales From across the U.S.A.

Travel across the United States by listening to tall tales and folktales from around our country. A United States map is used so students can view where the stories come from.

Kansas’ History through Stories 

Kansas is full of wonderful stories. In this program I tell the students folktales/tall tales/folklore/stories from the great state of Kansas. They will also see how wool is spun on a spinning wheel. This is a fun way to learn some of Kansas’ history.

Saint Nicholas Folktales:

Around the world there are different stories about St. Nicholas. In this program you will hear a story about him from Ireland, Italy, France, Russia, and Colonial America

Additional Information:

  • For the historical reenactment programs, I come dressed in period clothing.

  • $275 per program. (Prices subject to change.)

  • Discounts available if doing multiple bookings.

  • If distance to program is greater than 50 miles from Basehor, Kansas, a travel fee may be applied.


“We were taken on a journey back in time to 1826 to learn about the exciting life of Nancy Hart, a Revolutionary War heroine. Christine is a superb storyteller whose stories are captivating. I was impressed at how well she was able to bring history to life with her mix of knowledge, humor, and suspense. Our students were thoroughly engaged and we look forward to having her back.” 5th grade teacher, Tonganoxie Elementary School, Tonganoxie, KS

“Christine did a fantastic job performing for our students! She explained each tall tale with lots of excitement and enthusiasm The students were engaged and enjoyed hearing her stories! I highly recommend contacting her for performances.” 3rd grade teacher, Basehor Intermediate School, Basehor, KS

“Our 4th graders were completely engaged with Christine’s storytelling about the Revolutionary War! They loved getting to be part of her presentation and continue to talk about the story she told. The students were able to easily connect her story to the curriculum we were learning in a fun and exciting way.” 4th grade teacher, Manor Hill Elementary School, Liberty, MO

"Our 5th graders were completely engaged with Christine’s story telling. The stories and origin of songs from before the 1800s was not only entertaining, it was educational. Bringing real life history with a mix of humor, knowledge, and suspense was captivating! We cannot wait for her to come back to us again." 5th grade teacher, Tonganoxie Elementary School, Tonganoxie, KS

“Thank you for your wonderful portrayal of Elizabeth Van Lew for our 7th graders last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and our students did as well. They were drawn into your story and I feel that they came away understanding the significance of Elizabeth’s decision to aid the Union. As a history teacher, I appreciated that your performance was based on historical facts that were delivered in a manner that both entertained and educated.” Middle school Social Studies Teacher: Holy Trinity Catholic School, Lenexa, KS

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