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Senior Home Programs

I love spending time with the seniors in assisted/independent living and memory care homes. My programs are adapted to meet the needs of each group of residents so that they will have an enjoyable time. 


In Memory Care homes…

I bring several fun pictures and have the seniors work together to create stories about the pictures. As they tell the story, I write it down. When I get home, I type up the stories and print them out. The next time I come I read to them their stories which they enjoy. (I leave the story so that it can be enjoyed again later.) 

After we create the stories together, I tell them a story and then read them a picture book. The stories they create and the ones I tell have a central theme. Each time I do the program it has a different theme. At the end of each session, I bring out my duffel bag full of puppets. Each resident gets to use one and together we make the puppets sing folk songs such as “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad.” The seniors love interacting with the puppets.

With Assisted & Independent  Living…

I believe everyone is a storyteller and the goal of my assisted living programs is to let your residents be the storytellers and share their stories about growing up, raising a family, work, travel, etc. Each time I come there is a different topic. I tell the residents some stories about that topic and encourage them to share their own stories. Some previous topics we have done are Cars of the 1950s, School Days, and Christmas Memories. It is so much fun for the residents to listen to each other’s stories. They laugh and delight at telling their own stories and listening to other’s. I bring in pictures and sometimes items to help prompt them to share. I often hear, “I haven’t thought about that in ages!”


“It has been great having Christine in the community. The residents love listening to her stories and she does a great job of bringing the story to life as well as tying in themes for the time of year. You can tell she puts in the time and work to make the performance truly great.” (Matt Bailey, Activity Director: Benton House of Tiffany Springs)

“Our residents at Sunrise of Overland Park really enjoy Christine’s storytelling and always make it a point to tell me how wonderful her stories are. They look forward to her engaging stories!” (Tiana Wunder, Activities Coordinator: Sunrise of Overland Park)

“Christine has a wonderful presentation of stories, especially loved by our ladies when she talked about her quilts and the stories behind them. She will bring a lot of energy and laughs to your days.” (Peter Eggebrecht, Chaplain/Activities Coordinator: Evergreen Community of Johnson County)

References available upon request.

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