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Christmas Objects

General Information about 
Mrs. Claus programs

  • Home parties are limited to 10 children at the most to ensure there is enough time for everything. 

  • If Hot Chocolate is being served by Mrs. Claus... She brings Santa's favorite Hot Chocolate mix. Host provides the hot water. Depending on the number of children and their ages, Mrs. Claus may bring her favorite hot chocolate cups to drink out of. Otherwise host provides the cups. (This is determined when booking the event.)


  • If a craft project is to be done, the type of project is determined prior to arrival, is dependent upon the age of participants, and if parents are available to help with the craft project. (None of the crafts involve glue or paint.--see below for craft options.)     

  • Pricing is determined by the number of participants, craft project chosen, and the amount of time desired to interact with Mrs. Claus.

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Crafts Options:

Fairy Dust Catchers
These are easy to make and they catch fairy dust. Fairy dust is all around us but it is invisible. You can hang this in your room. Then when you are struggling to be good, shake it over your head and some fairy dust will land on you. This fairy dust will help you try to be good.
Christmas Pins
These pins are fun to wear and so festive! They take a little dexterity so probably best for ages 5 +
These bookmarks make great gifts.  Best for ages 5 +.
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